Startseite Leistungen Referenzen Team Standort Impressum Aktuelles Startseite Welcome to S. Lutz - Wartungen! About us: We are a successful service provider in the technical field. We operate as authorised service partner for well-known companies all over Germany. We carry out maintenance and installation work for industry and trade as service provider in the following areas:           Electrical - Hydraulic - Mechanical - Chemical Applications What we are looking for: We want to win over clients with our punctuality, flexibility and high quality in the services we provide. Our team consists of a very well-trained and motivated staff with optimally equipped service vehicles. We do not just want to meet the expectations of our clients – we want to surpass them by far. We can also take over your servicing, maintenance and installation work for you. An overview of our services: We provide services in the fields of inspection, maintenance, service and repair for chemical applications, emergency service and troubleshooting for: - Technical facilities: machines, pumps, drives, recooling systems and dry coolers - Air conditioning systems: heating batteries, cooling batteries, fans, expansion vessels,   pressure maintaining stations, control and actuator valves, - Process water treatment plants: ion exchangers, reverse osmosis, brine tanks,   dosing units, analyses in the field and laboratory - Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water tanks and piping as well as chemical cleaning   of heat exchangers using an "in-situ" process or CIP (clean in place)   without removing the parts to be treated - Mechanical/chemical cleaning of chillers, tube-bundle heat exchangers, liquefiers,   evaporators, thermal batteries in air conditioning systems, steam boiler plants, inspection   of drinking water heating systems, cleaning of photovoltaic systems (non-contact) We are an acknowledged, specialised enterprise in accordance with § 62/63 of the German Water Resources Act WHG (previously §19l), entitled und approved for work on water-transporting plant systems. Our additional qualifications: - Fire doors in accordance with DIN-EN / VDMA - Fire dampers in accordance with DIN-EN / VDMA - Power-operated doors and gates in accordance with DIN-EN / VDMA - Chemistry/Biology of water in process and drinking water - Hygiene of air conditioning systems in accordance with VDI 6022 - Drinking water hygiene in accordance with VDI 6023 - Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water distribution systems in accordance with   DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water) W291 - Accredited drinking water sampler - Numerous manufacturer training courses for machines and components - The certifications DIN ISO 9001/2012 and SCC are pending.